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Affiliate program

The affiliate program from XFAN.RU - this offer is beneficial for both parties. You get the opportunity of additional, and at the same time, stable earnings. We are interested in attracting new customers, and positive feedback from active clients of the service is the best advertisement.

You are invited to simply link to XFAN.RU on your site, and we undertake to transfer to your account from 10 to 14% of the profits brought by your referrals. We do not limit the period for receiving bonus deductions, which means that referrals will be assigned to you forever.

Your link to attract referrals is generated individually and will be available to you in the appropriate section after authorization. We are also ready to help you earn with XFAN.RU. For this, appropriate promotional materials have been developed that will provide you with all the necessary information and will indicate the right directions for action.

Your profit is directly proportional to the number of transactions made by customers that came through your affiliate link, as well as the amounts of these transactions. Many years of experience confirm that the partnership program XFAN.RU can provide you a permanent decent income.

We offer to become a member of the affiliate program and start earning today.

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